Tailored AI

Our service transcends just offering a tool; we aim to provide a holistic solution that can redefine your business trajectory. Customization is not just an add-on; it’s integral to how we envision AI deployment in businesses. From tailored models to deep integrations, we offer it all.


The main aim is to address and solve the unique challenges businesses face by creating bespoke AI solutions.


Demo Cost: The investment for this is between €3,000-€6,000, which provides a clear viewpoint on how AI can be a transformative element for your business.

Custom AI Models: For more complex requirements, we can design a custom AI model specifically tailored to your needs.

Hosting: These models can be hosted either on our servers or yours, offering flexibility.

OpenAI Integration: There’s also the option to amalgamate our system with OpenAI’s AI, bringing together the strengths of both for a comprehensive solution.

Data Privacy: Having the AI model in-house simplifies GDPR compliance and data privacy issues.

Challenges and Solutions

Security: Data is pre-cleansed before any external dispatch for maximum security.

Data Privacy: Full compliance with all pertinent regulations is guaranteed.

Dependency: Minimized reliance on third-party systems, enhancing business continuity.

Scalability: Our infrastructure can scale to meet your needs, free from external constraints.

Service Stability: Full control over maintenance and updates, avoiding any service disruptions from external providers.

Shall we talk more?

Feel free to send a message or call Heikki directly! We are happy to help and provide more information on how your company could enhance its business with the help of artificial intelligence.