Jani Pitkänen

Having over two decades of experience in the tech industry, Jani Pitkänen represents a unique blend of professional and academic prowess. His journey began remarkably early when he wrote his first computer program with logic at the age of 11. He further honed his skills at university, focusing on algorithmic theories and AI, particularly in areas like logic programming, neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms. With 7 years in software engineering, 11 years in server administration, 3 years in managerial roles, and more than a decade in entrepreneurship, Jani has a comprehensive portfolio. His interest in AI was further solidified with hands-on engagement with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, and being among the first to explore the potential of GPT-4, he remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge technology.

Heikki Lehmuskoski

Boasting a diverse background, Heikki has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 20 years. His experiences range from healthcare education to beer brewing, to structural steel industries. Heikki’s deep insights into how AI can enhance various business functions and his extensive network across industries make him a sought-after solution finder for each enterprise.

The Formation of

Jani presented his GPT-based projects to Heikki, a tech enthusiast and long-time collaborator. Discussing the untapped potential of these new foundational models to create value for businesses and organizations led them to establish Their mission: to guide entrepreneurs and companies through this rapid landscape of change.

The Vision

“Over the next five years, everything will change. Humanity has never witnessed such extensive and rapid transformation. We aim to ensure that Finnish companies and entrepreneurs not only keep pace but thrive by leveraging this new technology.”

Shall we talk more?

Feel free to send a message or call Heikki directly! We are happy to help and provide more information on how your company could enhance its business with the help of artificial intelligence.